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Justin Trudeau was born on December 25, 1971 in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Justin Trudeau full name is Justin Pierre James Trudeau. Justin Trudeau is the 23rd and current Prime Minister of Canada and leader of the Liberal Party. Justin Trudeau is the second youngest. Justin Trudeau such a kind heart and talk about equality. Right down here we have the Inspirational Justin Trudeau Quotes.

Justin Trudeau Quotes:

“I am a teacher. It’s how I define myself. A good teacher isn’t someone who gives the answers out to their kids but is understanding of needs and challenges and gives tools to help other people succeed. That’s the way I see myself, so whatever it is that I will do eventually after politics, it’ll have to do a lot with teaching.” Justin Trudeau

“When I get out across the country and listen to people, the resentment that I see and the frustration that I see is that we have a generation of people who are fairly convinced that their kids are not going to have a better quality of life or a better future than they will.” Justin Trudeau

“Promising something that seems popular at the time that you know you’re never going to deliver – that’s the kind of cynical politics that I don’t want any part of.” Justin Trudeau

“Canada has always been there to help people who need it.” Justin Trudeau

“You can’t run a government from one single person. What instead matters is that leadership be about gathering around extraordinary individuals and getting the best out of them.” Justin Trudeau

“I think growing an economy is a good way to help with a deficit, but ultimately, it’s about fiscal discipline and responsible spending – and smart decisions.” Justin Trudeau

“When my father died, I had millions of people supporting me in a very, very difficult time. I have received so much from this country. I realize that we’re defined in life not by what we get from this world but by what we have to offer it, and I know that I have a lot to offer this country, and I’m serious about devoting my life to it.” Justin Trudeau

“Can I actually make a difference? Can I get people to believe in politics once again? Can I get people to accept more complex answers to complex questions? I know I can. I know that’s what I do very well.” Justin Trudeau

“Any decision made by my father was the result of a process that had involved many voices and which sometimes had taken weeks or months.” Justin Trudeau

“We’re asking those who have done well to do a little more for the people who need it.” Justin Trudeau

“I think Canadians want to get a feel for the people who will serve them… and, for me, I think that Canadians will trust people who trust them.” Justin Trudeau

“Living your life in the public eye is a greater burden than most people can imagine.” Justin Trudeau

“I sort of locked into the idea that if I could be the perfect son to both of my parents, well maybe that would be enough to keep them together. And ultimately, obviously, it wasn’t. Regardless of what I tried to do. That was a lesson about limitations.” Justin Trudeau

“Once Canadians no longer believe that there is any good in politics, they no longer feel we can work together to solve the challenges we’re facing, and that is my fundamental motivation: how do we work together as a country to solve the big challenges we’re facing.” Justin Trudeau

“Canadians are nice and polite. It’s not just a stereotype.” Justin Trudeau

“In 2012, the Liberal Party affirmed overwhelmingly at the policy convention that we are a pro-choice party. It means that we are a party that defends women’s rights, and therefore, it would be inconsistent for any Liberal MP to be able to vote to take away women’s rights.” Justin Trudeau

“The Liberal party has always worked with multiple parties in the House to make sure we’re being governed in the best interest of Canadians.” Justin Trudeau

“I’m not going to reduce the choices of Canadians at the ballot box by backroom deals or secret arrangements. I think that’s a cause for cynicism more than anything else.” Justin Trudeau

“I had to learn to dismiss people who would criticize me based on nothing, but I also had to learn not to believe the people who would compliment me and think I was great based on nothing. And that led me to have a very, very strong sense of myself and my strengths.” Justin Trudeau

“I’ve made the commitment to Canadians that I’m going to stay myself, and I’m going stay open about it, and I’m going to make sure that the thoughtfulness with which I approach issues continues to shine through.” Justin Trudeau

“I was a high-school teacher. I am a strong advocate for women’s rights, and I’m not a woman.” Justin Trudeau

“Who cares about winning? We should focus on serving.” Justin Trudeau

“I trust Canadians to be able to look at the different parties, the different leaders, the plans, the teams, and make a responsible choice. And I’m very, very confident that’s exactly what Canadians are going to do.” Justin Trudeau

“Canada was built around a very simple premise. A promise that you can work hard and succeed and build a future for yourselves and your kids, and that future for your kids would be better than the one you had.” Justin Trudeau

“My father’s values and vision of this country obviously form everything I have as values and ideals. But this is not the ghost of my father running for the leadership of the Liberal party. This is me.” Justin Trudeau

“People don’t believe that any politician is any different from any other one.” Justin Trudeau

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